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S Restaurant & Bar

“Start booking 1 months before dining; Final booking time is 09:00; Accept 1~6 ppl for per reservation; Contact with customer service for complete reservation rules.”

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台北市松山區敦化北路150號 B1(S Hotel)



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Dining Purpose

Romance, Business Bites, Family Gathering, Group Gathering, With Friends, Celebrating Birthday


Western, Fusion cuisine, Bar, A la carte, Set Menu

Recommended Dishes

- 北歐風味醃漬鮭魚附酸甜芥末醬
- 香煎章魚附綠蘆筍
- 碳烤美國戰斧牛排
- 百香果雪山

Price Range

$1000 ~ $1500

Opening Hours

All week 12:00-14:30
All week 18:00-21:30


Smoking Area, Wi-Fi, Accessible Area, Child Chair, Credit Card Payment


At HYG we want to give you the chance to “hygge”. We serve small courses of finger food to bigger plates that are meant for sharing. Our menu is based on the Nordic kitchen, but heavily inspired by the Asian flavours and tastes. The ingredients are at the centre of what we do. We treat the local farmer’s cauliflower with the same respect as exclusive caviar from the Caspian Sea. We strive to get the best out of every ingredient in our kitchen. We use local grown ingredients, but we have also brought a few ingredients that are unique to the Nordic kitchen. We hope you like them just as much as we do.

丹麥米其林二星知名主廚Nikolaj Kirk & Mikkel Maarbjerg,帶來了用大盤子盛裝小量的餐點—丹麥飲食分享概念。菜單以北歐餐點為本,但融合了亞洲料理的風味及口味,而食材是二位主廚堅持的核心,並在料理本地農民栽種的花椰菜時所持的敬意,一如對待裏海獨有的魚子醬,致力把每種食材都發揮到極致。更引進了少許北歐特有的食材, 讓遠在亞洲台北大都會的饕客, 盡享北歐頂級美食的饗宴

Bon Appetit!
Nikolaj Kirk & Mikkel Maarbjerg