1 EZCASH for NTD$1. No redemption minimum or maximum limit!
EZCASH rebate from now on can be accumulated for higher Star status.
Enjoy your very own privileges & benefits!

How to earn EZCASH

Rebate RateExpiredMembershipEZCASH import timing
EZTABLE Exclusive Offers rebate0.5~5%12 months2 work days after finished the dining and code verified
Extra rebate: book with credit card issued by specific bank.2%12 monthsAfter finished the dining and code verified
Extra rebate: book with CHT Hami Pass member certification5%12 monthsAfter finished the dining and code verified
Credit card member bonus points exchange –– 12 months –– ––
Refund of EZTABLE Exclusive Offers, E Gift card / E Voucher –– No expired Date –– ––
Other (ex. EZCASH from special events.) –– 12 months –– ––

How to use EZCASH

If you already have EZCASH, you can discount the price amount when purchasing vouchers or Exclusive Offers on the EZTABLE APP and the Voucher List on the EZTABLE APP. You can discount your order up to 0 NTD. Since it is compulsory to fill in the card number field on the cash flow platform page, you should still enter your card number even if your order has been discounted up to 0 NTD. Neither money nor commission will be deducted, and the purchase will be completed.

Value of EZCASH

EZCASH rebate from EZTABLE Exclusive Offers or Gift Card has own value based on the region of restaurants,
EZCASH from different region can not be transit. You can check your EZCASH point detail in "Members" both app and website.

Booking in Taiwan restaurants:1 EZCASH = NTD 1
Booking in Thailand restaurants:1 EZCASH = 1 THB
Booking in Indonesia restaurants:1 EZCASH = 1000 IDR
Booking in HongKong restaurants:1 EZCASH = HKD 1

Expiration of EZCASH

All the rebated EZCASH are expiredable, along with points from special events, expired day will be count 12 months from the date you received. (count to the last day of 12th month). Other points from refund and redeem are not expiredable.
When you choose to use EZCASH in your payment, the system will automatically deduct those point with expired date before start deducting those without expired date.